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Guide for Gunners

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Posted 22 May 2016 - 03:01 AM




+ Long Range, High damage, area damage. In a turn, you might be able to swipe 25% of enemy's HP for 1 gunner. So with 5 gunners, you should have won the game in the first turn

+ Because of the reason above, your game will really short, and you will not waste your time any longer.

+ With the equip "Hard Rock Hallelujah", it is the only way to stop enemy regeneration. In some mission, regeneration can be quite troublesome.



- Not so fit with the our spy or trooper, because spy or trooper will go to the front area which is also the hit area of our gunner. (I have many times killed my own spies with my gunner, then I decided not to use spy anymore)

- very weak against enemies' spies. Our troops cannot shoot in short range and if they can, it will shoot each other.


Stats to train

Simple. Per 1 skill point, train the for 2 damage and 1 critical. It is the default.


Skills to equip

Simple. Just go for the attack.

1M202a1Flash and 3 Laser Sight


Hard Rock Hallelujah and 3 Laser Sight


Combo with other classes

Well fit with troops with 1 scout with vacuum grenade (it will sucks the enemies to the center and gunner will be so easy to hit all enemies)


My Troops Line

Scout(VG) - Gunner - Gunner - Gunner - <Optional Troops> - <Optional Troops>

   OR (if you have Hard Rock Hallelujah)

Gunner (HRH) - Scout (VG) - Gunner - Gunner - <Optional Troops> - <Optional Troops>

VG is vacuum grenade

HRH is hard rock hallelujah

Optional troops might go well with any long ranged troops such as gunner, sniper, or commando


Strategy to fight

- Against enemies with high HP/ high armor and no spies

I will go with this:

Scout(VG) - Gunner - Gunner - Gunner - <Optional Troops> - <Optional Troops>


Gunner(HRH) - Scout(VG) - Gunner - Gunner - <Optional Troops> - <Optional Troops>


- Against enemies with 1 to 3 spies,

<troops who can target 1 enemy> - Scout(VG) - Gunner - Gunner - Gunner - <Optional Troops>


- Against enemies with more than 3 spies

<troops who can target 1 enemy> - <troops who can target 1 enemy> - Scout(VG) - Gunner - Gunner - Gunner


-Against enemy with damage reflection

Just same with the above strategy, but you just will need resurrection and heal.. :D


You can also call your friends to help.. It will be very helpful if we can use the gunner



I have gone well to Thunderstruck Level 17 with the strategy above.

Currently all my troops have average recommended training of 43.


Good luck!

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Posted 19 August 2016 - 03:56 AM



I haven't gone past Thunderstruck lvl14 yet  :(


I'll consider these tips the next time I try.

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Posted 17 September 2016 - 11:10 PM

Can you please give us logs for after you play that file? That way we can fix the bug so you can leave the default settings




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Posted 17 September 2016 - 11:52 PM

My ThunderStruck Progress :D (using most of the suicide bombers)


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